Products lines


  • For a decade Hidrodepur, in water treatment products market, has captured a wide clientele, composed by important industries, working in several sectors.

    Hidrodepur products, working in refluent water treatment, are suitable to test:

     -     C.D.O.
    -     B.O.D.
     -     Sedimentation
     -     Flotation
     -     Chemical-physic Lightflocculation
     -     Optimization biological treatments

    Hidrodepur offers products and specific formulas, realized by thorough studies and analysis on the fittings. Our aim is to offer the necessary quality and to optimize the service.

    Hidrodepur laboratory and our chemists, through tests, find the suitable product to solve and satisfy any problems or requirement of our clientele.

    The direct assistance our technician provided in these years, has contributed to command a global  knowledge and a huge experience in solving every problems coming from water treatment.

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